However, as time went on, it seemed as though Matt cared less about actually taking measures to stop these groups and more about wanting, Belgian YouTuber Marcos Wilton, better known as LionMaker, was once a significant presence in the. and Live action writers are told to move to Animation studios for work. Spanish YouTuber Kanghua Ren faced a massive backlash in 2017 after uploading a video of himself giving a homeless man an Oreo filled with toothpaste, which caused the man to throw up when he ate it. . Today, we will look through Cosmodore's past, present, response and what little future he has left on this platform as a creator.\rSpecial thanks to:\rWackyTV (for giving me a great segment for the video):\rHarley Kiri (for reading out the initial Twitter post):\r0:00 Intro0:42 The Rise Of Cosmodore2:19 Self-Destruction11:33 Cosmodore Comes Back (by @WackyTV. Tom Boyden was the camera man, editor, and business partner for the Youtube fitness influencer Jon "Jujimufu" Call. He would come back to his own channel two years after disappearing, albeit as a solo creator focusing purely on, "Phoenix" was a prominent player earlier in the. Video Games. In general, Bores is infamous for his egotistical behavior, crass sense of humor, lack of applying any actual research into his videos, and seeming inability to take criticism. Because the controversy was used to highlight the unfortunate phenomenon of how stupid YouTubers will be just to rack up views, it has stuck to her, and to this day, her videos tended to have more dislikes than likes until it was terminated. He was born in 1990s, in Millennials Generation. Latest information on Nintendo direct and a review on Cyberpunk Edgerunners! All three of them lost subscribers in response. However, her reputation took a hit in March 2019 with the, Twitch streamer ZilianOP (real name Angel Hamilton) is known solely for, No B.S. On July 29, 2020, Cosmodore confessed to dating a girl who was 15 when he was 19. Todays news will be covering the whole incident of inappropriate recordings of the dragon ball casts. To elaborate, she was immediately blasted on the internet after the launch of her own makeup brand, Jaclyn Cosmetics, with a line of lipsticks that were found to be in awful condition. A thank you message for everyone and a few thoughts that Ive been thinking during my hiatus. If you don't know what happened, I redirect you to Cosmodore's community post (however, also people like @LSMark_, @PieGuyRulz, and @LeaC_Official who made posts about this and are way more knowledgable on the situation than I). Groomaway 4. She started a regular segment on her YouTube channel called Furry Fusion Friday, though as of current it is discontinued. Ep) 5 Ash own a Pokmon League, Cartoon Network Studios Collab and lil Nas X Panini video. Today Johnny Depp is reprising his roll as Captain Jack. Pizza Party Podcast Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Today we discussed the trailer of an upcoming buzzlightyear movie, Leaks spreading of an upcoming Warmer bros fighting game, Rockstar unveiled its remastered GTA games and Mr.beast announces new charity. Quick update: Totally Not mark VS Toei animation, Ep 96, animation guild negotiations, Toei Backlash and Sony exc fired. Today , we cover details of the upcoming amazing world of Gumball movie, An articles mistakenly want Chun Li in the mortal Kombat and South Park announced its upcoming special episode. Today news covering new management of The internet company rooster teeth, Funimation merging with other dubbing companies and The whole joker controversy with the militarys response. However in March 2021 it came to light that Tom would be leaving the channel due to him stealing over $100,000 from Grip Genie, the company Tom had been a partner in with Jon, to pay for his gambling addiction and being sued by Jon. Alt-right livestreamer Ethan Ralph, had his YouTube channel terminated in November 2018 after he donated several of his stream's superchats to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which had attached donors' messages that denied the Holocaust and/or celebrated the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the hospital refunded all donations. Disney announced it will premier Luca only for Disney plus and not theaters and Warner bros new agreements with one creator to produce all content. Hazbin Hotel Creator Vivziepop released date on the new episode of Helluvaboss with a partnered Company and MK11 Haz announced new DLC Characters with an Unexpected character. Creepshow lost several subscribers and left YouTube, briefly returning to post a video attempting to refute Emily's claims, which was accused of backing up Emily's claims. The animated Show Close enough Has been renewed for a second Season and Announcement for a Ren and Stempy reboot on Comedy Central. Disney putting crew members within shelters during the hurricane. Since then, Lorenzo lied very low, having become the subject of massive, Chris Bores, a YouTuber known as the creator of, His "History of Video Games" series, itself ill-regarded, was overshadowed by several inaccuracies (most infamously misconstruing the name of. Today we give you a quick update on the whole Rick and Morty creator situation, a lot of animated shows being cancelled and Phineas and Fern getting new episodes. We will continue to update details on Cosmodores family. . 1 ago. Today, Disney Plus executive becomes Tiktok CEO, Details on the Upcoming Cuphead shows and We bear bears will be getting a movie. Many people were critical of Stauffer's decision, since she, who had three children before Huxley, previously wanted a child with special needs, and had monetized the videos of her adopting Huxley. So they did, and several more examples of plagiarism on his part were found. Websites, social media, blogs, and forums. Ep12 Blizzard controversy, Jared Leto threatens joker film, upcoming Wonder Woman movie and more! Rick and Morty Co creator Dan Hartman is working on a TV show with Fox entertainment and Minecraft just released a date for the Upcoming neither update. If you any have tips or corrections, please send them our way. Cosmodore (also known as Cosmo) was once a likable animation critic from Germany, who was a friend and frequent collaborator with other popular critics like, Creepshow Art is a commentary channel with over 500,000 subscribers, known for her art commentary videos, discussing serious topics, and her speedpaint videos, the latter of which have become a staple of most commentary videos nowadays. Animated James was once a decently popular, Very few people know anything about comedienne Nicole Arbour other than her, Asalieri is remembered more for his jokes and comments that were viewed as transphobic (most infamously his Steel Beth character, a parody of, Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubein was the creator of the website, Lorenzo Becker, a fairly popular French weightlifting Youtuber, was known for having developed an impressive muscular body after originally looking flimsy, and he was seen as inspirational for many aspiring weightlifters. Cosmodore was practically an influencer himself, even being part of Momocon and had association with RebelTaxi. Today Nintendo accounts are being accused from unknown users, Valves Games Like TF2 And CSGO are having their Codes being leaked and A comic book shop owner is under attack by selling comics. Today we discussed the tragic passing of Yugiohs creator, the animation union just made a new contact and the new Smite DLC causes rage. Commodore USA, LLC was founded in April 2010. British-born aspiring singer/songwriter "Jeyaia" made a small, but decent growing YouTube and Instagram career with her cover songs in Australia and Indonesia. The reddit user that bringed this to light deleted his account and for the most part everyone that doesn't hate Hazbin Hotel takes this accusations with a grain of salt. A new Simpsons episode made fans Updates with a new change and California put in a policy to allow theme parks to reopen, Ep75, Star Wars Rock, Lola Bunny, Patrick Spin Off, Today, Star Wars Just Release A new Character that Got fans Riled up. Episodes with music are only available on Spotify. Cosmodore zodiac sign is a Taurus. IAmSp00n was accused of sexual misconduct in June of 2020, and was banned from Twitch. Mukbang YouTuber Nikocado Avocado (real name Nikolas Perry) started off as a relatively popular creator, popularizing the genre in the US. He also got a cat during all this, both as a pitiful attempt to get sympathy and because it's the only pussy he can get his hands on. I actually have 0 problems taking down that video, but not just for the recent developments. Cosmodore was born in the middle of Millennials Generation. Colombian web celebrity Daneidy Barrera, known as Epa Colombia, was legally banned from using her social media for almost 4 years after she filmed a video of herself vandalizing some TransMilenio stations during protests against President Ivn Duque. A month ago he said that hed taken an extended break, but he recently made a YouTube Story where it seems hes addressing some sort of drama? The girl was living in America. A hate group is calling out the show Ducktales for one episode. Josh Macedo was a well-known personality on, Michael Christopher Martin and his wife Heather, the owners of the, YouTuber Maximilianmus ended up irreperably damaging his online presence after being ousted in February 2021 (primarily by, YouTube channel Midnight's Edge stopped featuring fellow YouTuber, MechaRandom42, on their round-table panel discussions on March 2021, after she made some tasteless comments about, Internet personality Mister Metokur had his YouTube account banned in late 2019 after he made several videos attacking and mocking transgender people. SUBSCRIBE for more Nicktoons Games, SpongeBob SquarePants Cosmodore's case. Ep69, Long Gone Gutch review, CD Project reds apologized and New Star Wars game. Today Animation studios are close down due to the virus. )14:38 Cosmodore's Recent Response29:41 ConclusionSources:\r\rthanks to all the great people at WikiTubia:\rIce Age: Milking A Franchise Dry (by Cosmodore):\rWhy is Rio? But, the federal age of consent is 18. Monalisa Perez, aka La MonaLisa, is only known for when she made mainstream news by attempting a dangerous stunt: shooting a bullet at an encyclopedia shielding her husband's chest, seeing if the encyclopedia would block the bullet. A few details from the upcoming season of rick and morty. Cosmodore 1. Today PETA talked about its own ways of play animal crossing, Co Creator of Rick and Morty is making a show for HULU, and Animation Producers finding ways to make episodes during the Pandemic. Cosmodore, a cartoon reviewer known for his "Every SpongeBob Episode Season X Ranked" videos, publicly admitted in July 2020 to having knowingly . Netflix bans movies or shows from other countries, Funimation removed an anime that causes fans an uproar and Toonami shorting their Schedule. Adult swims Venture Bros has been cancelled on Monday after Seven seasons and Pokemon Journeys have released new episodes. Today we focus on the new layoffs brought by Netflixs animation. Ep 27, DBZ narrator died, Netflix released Ghibli films, cosplayer becomes a politician & more, Today we cover the details of the death of Dragon balls famous Narrator, Netflixs plan to release Studios Ghibli films, A cosplayer has become a politician in her own country and A British tax claims to have hints on GTA 6 in development, Ep 26, Sony leaves E3, Cartoon Network hotel and Thundercats Roar. Seems his channel is gone now. Other Beauty YouTubers such as RawBeautyKristi even went as far as to examine them under a microscope. Basically, when he was 19, he dated a 15 year girl online. We can all be grateful if he just blanked off the face of the earth. Today The release amphibia season3, Konamis efootball controversy and Chinese new video game restrictions, Ep 87, Mario Movie Cast, New Gumball movie and Activision Blizzard Update, Today we cover the the update in the Mario movie, Gumball is confirmed to have a movie and a spin off and huge news surround the activision blizzard lawsuit, Ep, 86, Disney Latinx Controversy, Cod Cheat Wave and Podcast update. Today We give information of CEO of Rockstar Games leaving the company, A released date for the Mandalorian season 2 by series creator, Information of an upcoming Lilo and Stich movie, Castlevania season 3 released date has been confirmed and the released date of thunder cats Roar on the Cartoon Network channel. Today Sony announced they wont show up at this years E3 conversation, Cartoon Network unveils its first ever hotel and Thundercats roar has now been released. Pokmon mans are concern of Disney XDs future of the show. Tom Cassell aka ProSyndicate is now known less for his gaming commentary videos and more for his repeated advertising violations, in particular him promoting a gambling website called without disclosing that he was one of the site's owners. The site features video content focusing on video game related trivia and facts, with occasional journalistic investigations into gaming's lost secrets and forgotten products. Ep66 Cyberpunk Delay, Sony Buys Crunchyroll & more, Today, CyberPunk 2077 has been delayed for another month, Sony Has made a deal to buy Crunchyroll and Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartikofsky is making a show for Cartoon Network and HBO MAX. The reddit user that bringed this to light deleted his account and for the most part everyone that doesn't hate Hazbin Hotel takes this accusations with a grain of salt. Harry Gilliatt, bassist of the band seaqueens and also known as "Hard G" or "sharkpilot", was exposed in 2014 for emotionally exploiting at least two fans who either had previously suffered from abuse at someone else's hands or were suffering from mental illness, pressuring underaged girls into sending him nudes and so on. Ep) 6 Disney cutting off Creators, The boondocks Reboot and Twelve Forever Cancelled? A story of how a man became so corrupted by his own inhibitions that it tore him apart.Chapters:0:00 Introduction1:35 part 1: Origins8:14 part 2: Cracks Form13:42 part 3: July 27th, 202014:50 part 4: The Case25:00 part 5: Fighting in Vain35:12 part 6: Advanced Decay37:34 part 7: Hole in Your HeartMy Second Channel: Twitter: Instagram: The Race (Cosmo Remix) (Missing Lyrics) 7. Gregory Daniel Jackson, better known as Onision, started off as a relatively popular skit YouTuber, but has become undoubtedly one of the most controversial YouTubers of all. This landed him a job as Saberspark 's editor and guest appearances on various podcasts, including the shitty one that this wiki's about. But they can also be amorous, hesitant, stubborn, timid, conservative. Today, we cover the latest controversy around the cartoon YouTuber Cosmodore, Well known spongebob anime has been removed from YouTube and the fund platform Patreon are in court for their latest terms and service.