143.   Marc Ribot     

144.   Jack Black     

145.   Dan Donegan     

146.   Berry Stock     

147.  Dave Davies     

148.  Brad Paisley     

149.  Mike Britt Jr     

150.  Dick Dale     

151.  Erik Mongrain     

152.  George Lynch     

153.  Marcel Friedrich

154.  James Nash     

155.  Kim Thayil

156.  Eddie Fenn     

157.  Greg Howe     

158.  Guthrie Govan

159.  Gabor Szabo

160.  Ian antono     

161. Axel Rudi Pell     

162.  Eddie Angel     

163.  Victor Meza     

164.  Dave Navaro     

165.  Robin Trower     

166.  Duane Eddy     

167.   Paul Gilbert     

168.  Roy Clark

169.  Phil Hinman

170. Muriel Anderson

Okay, so the site lists 168 guitarists. I added Ric Ickard and Muriel Anderson. Check out Muriel! Yes, Ric is a guy, but he has been so supportive of my playing, has mentored me, and, anyway, he is such a great guitarist that he should be on this list.

The TWO women listed by the site?

Maybelle Carter, who was a great contributor to the world of music but not exactly known for being a guitar virtuoso.

And Nancy Wilson of Heart. Bless your heart Nancy, for putting a guitar lesson of yourself on YouTube. But why do you have to fill it with
self-effacing comments about how you don't know what "some kinda weird jazz chord is called," and "chord names which I rarely know myself." Learn! Make us proud! Be a role model! If a guy didn't know what he was playing, he'd just play it, not make all the self-critical confessions of inadequacy you filled your video with!