Boys Play Guitar

I've lost count how many times I have bemoaned the lack of women guitarists in the world and been told that the person whom I was addressing knew of one great woman player, or had seen one woman player, or had heard there was some woman band that had a woman guitarist. How is it that an entire society can live in denial of reality because they have seen one exception to it? I figured in this book space, a graphic might make my point better than anything else. So, here is a list of "top" guitarists that I found on a web site where people can nominate and vote for their all-time favorites. I'll give the site URL at the end, I have pruned out all the details you will find there - down to the raw material of names.

1.    John Petrucci
2.    Ritchie Blackmore
3.    Angus Young
4.    Eric Clapton
5.    Jimi Hendrix
6.    Eddie Van Halen
7.    Jimmy Page
8.    David Gilmour
9.    Kirk Hamett
10.  Duane Allman
11.  Leslie West
12.  Stevie Ray Vaughan
13.  Nancy Wilson (Heart)
14.  Todd Rundgren
15.  Jeff Beck

16. George Harrison
17.  Brian May
18.  Joe Satriani
19.  Rory Gallagher
20.  James Burton
21.  Pete Townshend
22.  Steve Vai
23.  Mick Taylor
24.  Tweke Lewis
25.  Vince Gill
26.  Yngwie Malmsteen
27.  Ace Frehley
28.  Michael Nickens
29.  Mark Knopfler
30. Tom Morello

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