Research Research

for the past months I have been conducting research for my Amy Beach and Me book. Now I will get back to the process of writing and journaling about the writing. The writing, of course, is also making art, creating animations, making links to other information, recording audio, learning her music, etc.

I am also starting to apply for grants. I must go to the University of New Hampshire, where Beach’s papers are stored, to get my own look at them. I am very excited about the prospect of this. Research always involves reading the interpretations of other people about what Beach said, or wrote, or what was said about her. As my research and writing has uncovered¬† discrepancies and just plain wrong facts stated in books and reviews about this woman, it has become even more important for me to look at her diaries myself. Also, others who have written about her were writing in earlier times, and not from my 2011 feminist perspective. I look forward to interpreting her words myself.

Mostly I long to write Amy Beach and Me and my literary blog full-time. Some day. . . .