Amy Beach and Me continues . . .


I just had to write that. The day today. We will have a 1-11-11 and a 11-1-11 and a 11-11-11 This year. Then that will be it. Too fun.

I have been away from Amy Beach and Me for some time, but I am back. Spent this last year doing more research, and getting my literary blog going. Now I will be back to writing in this blog and sharing the process of writing a new media / electronic / multimedia biography and memoir.

I am also going to be applying for writing residencies in order to have a long stretch of time to get more of it written, more art created for it, and more music recorded and composed.

Ipads and iPhones were the big hit this year. I was so sorry that Steve Jobs banned Flash from them – as much of my book is written in Flash (all the animations, narration tracks, music, etc.). I bought an Android phone. Amy Beach and Me plays fine on that – though I may do a little resizing. So do my blogs. I hope that Jobs gets back with the party. Banning Flash was stupid. This is the first time I have EVER bought a non-Apple device, and I am sorry about that; I have been an Apple advocate since I began working in multimedia 20 years ago!

If you try to read Amy Beach with an iPhone or iPad, you will just see a hole where my Flash animations are – you won’t even see a broken media link! Very clever of Jobs. So many many people have no idea that they are missing anything!

Well, buy an Android smartphone, wait for an Android tablet (they are coming soon at the CES January convention in Las Vegas apparently) and join me here on this literary reading and writing adventure of creating a new media book (not a lame digitized text ebook, but a full-blown interactive multimedia book at!