Amy's mother Clara also kept an historical accounting of Amy’s synesthetic color and key associations.

C = White
E= Yellow
G = red
A  = Green
Ab = Blue
Db = Violet
Eb = Pink
G# Minor = Black (Amy only named two minor keys)

Synesthesia is a phenomena in which our senses get crossed, mixed up. In Amy’s case, she “saw” what she “heard.” In this type of synesthesia, an auditory stimulus, a musical note, evokes a visual stimulus, an image of color. There are numerous forms of synesthesia. Some people see shapes, letters and numbers as colors. Neurologist Richard Cytowic takes a look at people who taste shapes in his The Man Who Tasted Shapes. In yet another form, people hear movement. This type of synesthesia was late in discovery because many who have it are unaware that they hear anything different than what others hear. For instance, a bee buzzes, so one might not think it unusual that an animation of shapes on a screen also makes noise; one might assume it is a built-in soundtrack, rather than a manifestation of his or her own brain. A simple animation by Caltech scientist Melissa Saenz, Ph.D, reminiscent of science fiction star field animations, can test a person for this type of synesthesia. (go to p6)